Welcome Home

Last night, I attended the Zac Brown Band concert at the Hollywood Bowl with some girlfriends. I didn’t go because I’m a fan of the band, or country music at all really, but because they had free tickets and I had nothing better to do on Sunday evening. Surprisingly, I knew more songs that I … More Welcome Home

Quito Burrito

What do you do when your sister’s best friend in life, who you’ve also known your whole life, lives in Ecuador and you are in the bordering country of Colombia? You book a plane ticket (despite the high cost of flights in South America) to visit for a few nights even if you don’t get … More Quito Burrito

I survived Medellín…

No really, I survived without incident. I can’t count the number of people who were genuinely concerned about my safety while I traveled alone in Medellín, Colombia these past few weeks. Safety and solo travel, especially for females, are hot topics of conversation on many travel blogs, and of course amongst travelers themselves. However, I … More I survived Medellín…

My one and onlies

My dear, loyal readers! I am so sorry to disappoint you lately having posted zero photos or blogs for your enjoyment in the past few weeks (insert eye roll – is anyone even reading these?)! As many of you know, after three lovely months together in Asia, my travel companion has returned home and I … More My one and onlies

Lungta Fire Element

It was our second day in Thimphu (Bhutan) and our guide Kinga had taken us to the Jungshi Paper Factory to see how the locals make paper from Daphne trees. As with all handicraft tours, there was a store at the end where tourists can purchase paper products such as journals, cards, and paintings, all … More Lungta Fire Element