My one and onlies

Flight from Miami to Medellin

My dear, loyal readers! I am so sorry to disappoint you lately having posted zero photos or blogs for your enjoyment in the past few weeks (insert eye roll – is anyone even reading these?)!

As many of you know, after three lovely months together in Asia, my travel companion has returned home and I am now a solo traveler for the first time ever. We had so many amazing experiences, and it was hard to say goodbye at the Delhi airport (I may have shed some tears when I walked to my separate gate), but I’m excited to make more memories on my own and meet other travelers along the way.

Danica and Leslie at the Taj Mahal, Agra

I have also been out of touch mostly due to a semi-surprise visit to Los Angeles last week, which I made for several reasons. Here they are in order of occurrence and not importance so everyone thinks I came home just for them:

To surprise my boyfriend with a trip to our favorite B&B in SLO as an early birthday celebration, drink some good red wine with my mama and friends in Paso Robles, spend Sunday Funday at my dad’s – much to his surprise as well – with my older sister and my one and only nephew whom I adore.

Henry, my favorite little guy!

To surprise my not-so-little-anymore little sisters for their 23rd birthdays, ride the Surfliner down to San Juan Capistrano – the halfway point between Los Angeles and San Diego – so I could enjoy lunch with my other younger sister and play with my one and only niece who is the sweetest almost one-year-old ever.

Miss Abby, my favorite little girl!

To spend an afternoon “shopping” with one of my besties, followed by a girls-night-in drinking wine and eating amazing food with some of my other besties, celebrate my boyfriend’s actual birthday with some of our wonderful friends, and last but certainly not least, to say goodbye to two of these amazing friends (who are moving to PA this week) at their favorite local bar, entertained by the musical talents of the one and only Preston Perry (my boyfriend of course!).

Polaroid of me and my man at the Oaks (going away party) for Dan & Julia’s goodbye book

Needless to say, it was a whirlwind of a week, but so worth it. I was worried that it would be difficult for me to leave again after going home, which is why I arrived in LA having already booked my next flight out. As difficult as it was to say goodbye to everyone again, it filled my heart with so much joy to see all my loved ones, and to enjoy lots of hugs and kisses (especially from my almost three-year-old nephew who was having a rare streak of auntie love towards me…I’ll take it however I can get it!).

My sweet nephew, full of kisses!

So with only two hours of sleep after the going away party, I boarded a 6am flight to Medellin, which connected through Miami, and arrived late on Sunday night. I am now settled in at a homestay in Medellin, Colombia for the next few weeks while I learn Spanish before continuing on to a few more countries in South America.

I will get some sightseeing in while I’m here, but don’t expect too many pictures from this leg of my trip (#yourewelcome)! I’m much more focused on learning Spanish, and immersing myself in the local culture than I am on picture taking at the moment. Once I have more to write on Medellin, you’ll be the first to know! Chao!


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